Centre of Competence “Smart Mechatronic, Eco- and Energy Saving Systems and Technologies”

Funding: Science and Education for Smart Growth BG05M2OP001-1.002-0023-С01

Duration: 30.03.2018 – 30.11.2023

Brief description:

The project proposal envisions the establishing of a Center of Competence “Intelligent mechatronic, Eco- and energy-saving systems and technologies” (CoC IMEESS) by the joined efforts of seven leading scientific organizations and Universities in Bulgaria with the purpose of enhancing the level of their research and the successful commercialization of the achieved results in one of the priority economic areas of the Bulgarian economy “Mechatronics and clean technologies”, defined in the Innovation strategy for intelligent specialization 2014-2020 (ISIS). The main activity under the project proposal is to carry out market-oriented research by prominent researchers and their research teams in two directions: “Intelligent mechatronic systems and technologies”, “Energy saving and clean technologies”. For its successful realization, the first stage of the project is the reconstruction and modernization of the building facilities or parts of them as well as purchasing, installing and implementing of hi-tech equipment, specialized software, tools and furniture, which will help forming/establishing full-equipped labs, training halls and working spaces – all parts of the Center of Competence which is of interest to EU. Simultaneously, there will be ongoing activities for attracting leading researchers and specialists from Bulgaria and abroad who are to work together, exchange ideas and experience about the scientific studies and the training of the next generation scientific scholars. The results from the conducted research in the CoC will be widely announced and publicized in international science magazines, presented at symposia, seminars and conferences. The part of the research which can be applied directly or represents experimental development of the engineering and technology will be granted to the Committee for technology transfer and coordination of activities for protection of intellectual property and its further commercialization.


  • Technical University of Gabrovo
  • Central Laboratory for Applied Physics
  • Institute of System Engineering and Robotics
  • SOFIA UNIVERSITY ST. Kliment Ohridski
  • Technical University of Varna
  • Institute of electronics – BAS

Coordinator: Technical University of Gabrovo