Investigation of methods and tools for application of cloud technologies in the measurement and control in the power system

Funded by: National Science Fund, contract № DFNI Е02/12

Duration: 12.2014 – 12.2017


Modern energy systems control faces various challenges caused by the introduction of renewable energy sources and rapidly changing loads. This requires the application of innovative approaches in the automation systems aiming energy efficiency increase. Key problems in reaching this goal are intelligent sensor networks development and storage and real time processing of the large amount of data generated by them.

An advanced trend in the distributed automation systems development for working with great number of sensors and large data arrays is the use of networks and Internet technologies based on Web services (Service Oriented Architectures – SOA) and cloud technology.

The main objective of the project is the investigation and adaptation of cloud technologies for the design and development of industrial information systems in the power system. Is envisaged to propose methods, hardware and software based on Web services and Web applications to build a distributed system for monitoring and control of electrical power such SCADA and related electronic records for the values of the quantities, archiving, tools for information analysis and processing.

Research will support the specialization of the teaching staff and young scientists in modern interdisciplinary fields, which will increase their opportunities for participation in international research projects and will contribute to improving the quality of science and learning process.

Expected applications results will support the successful integration of the information and communications technologies in the power system of Bulgaria in accordance with European standards and directives. They will contribute to increasing energy efficiency by reducing the cost of measurement and control, to improving the quality of supplied electricity, to enhancing security of the system and to the future connection to the European energy system.