Bachelor in Automation, Information and Control Engineering



Education forms: Full-time

Term of education: 4 years;

Final examination: a graduation project

Admission requirements: According the general procedure established for the Technical University of Sofia ( )

Programme importance: The AICE specialization emphasizes on both classical and modern trends in control systems design and industrial automation. An engineer with this specialization can be appointed with design and technological activities in the area of production of elements and devices for industrial automation, with the assemblage, tuning and maintenance of automatic production lines in all industrial areas and also in agriculture, transport systems, power engineering, etc. He can be involved in production and maintenance of different types of control and measurement equipment.

General characteristics of the education:

The specialty deals with the engineering fundamentals of technical cybernetics. It gives fundamental knowledge in the modeling of various processes in technical and organizational systems, electrical engineering, electronics, computer science, control theory in general engineering, science, humanitarian and economic knowledge, and learning a foreign language. There are special courses in the field of control theory, systems identification, automation and control of technological processes (process control), automation of electromechanical systems, measurement of electrical and non-electrical quantities, technical means of automation, microprocessor systems, programming and using computers modeling of systems management, systems analysis and decision making. Depending on the professional training of studying process there are the optional subjects in the following research areas:

Systems and control – to acquire knowledge in research, construction, operation and development of systems for automatic control of objects and systems (technical, economic and organizational) in various business sectors and non-productive sphere, as well as their technical, software and information insurance.

Electric Drives and Production Automation Systems – to acquire knowledge of electric drives, engineering design, manufacture and operation of electrical systems and automatic control of machinery, mechanisms, and moving production facilities.

Industrial Control Systems and Process Control – Knowledge of research, development, exploitation and development of systems for automation technology, information and communication processes, systems analysis and design, modeling, simulation and optimization, measurement, control and management of material, energy and information flows , decision-making in conflict and competition.

Robotics – relates to research, design, installation, management, programming and operation of robots, robotic complexes programmable automation and flexible manufacturing systems, technical vision, artificial intelligence, intelligent behavior systems.

Employment of the graduates: The graduates with this specialization will be able to work successfully in all companies that are specialized in design, engineering, maintenance, research, education and servicing activities in the area of control engineering, information and measurement systems and industrial automation. The graduates could be realized as competent workers and researches in automatic control of engineering, physical, biological, medical, transport, economical and other systems in the broadest sense from theory, modeling, and design, through algorithms, software and hardware, networks and communication, automata, embedded systems and robotics, to practical applications, industrial implementations and their impact on society, namely:

  • research, design, engineering firms and organizations in building complex technical, economic and organizational management systems of automated information technology;
  • managerial and executive teams in the industry, energy, transport, construction, building automation, health, agriculture and in the service sphere;
  • construction equipment and meteorological services, industrial enterprises, companies and units associated with measuring equipment, automation and quality control;
  • companies aimed at the creation, production and operation of automation of programmable machines, mechanisms, robots and robotic systems, robotic industries.
  • positions related to control and diagnostics;
  • in the transport, energy, construction, agriculture, food, pharmaceutical and military industries, oriented towards the automated production and operation via mechanisms and robots;