Bachelor of Computer systems and technologies


ECTS code: BCS

Education forms: Full-time, part-time

Term of education: Full time: 4 years;

Final examination: development and public defense of a diploma project for both full-time and part-time education

Admission requirements: The admission is based on one of the following marks:

  • Mature exam in Bulgarian, Mathematics or Physics;
  • Entry test in Mathematics, taken in one of the accredited Universities;
  • With results from olympic or other competition in Mathematics, Physics, Informatics, Automatics.

The rating is calculated as the marks from high school diploma in Mathematics and the highest from Informatics, Physics, or IT is added to the mark from the previous point multiplied by 2.9 for mature exam is multiplied by, and by 3 for other marks.

Access to further studies: After bachelor degree graduation the student can go on for a master degree.

Programme importance: Information technologies propagate throughout our lives. The society needs more and more highly qualified professionals in this area. They must know modern computer systems and networks, modern programming languages and environments, databases and information systems, to be able to respond to the modern life needs.

General characteristics of the education:

A major goal of the education is to provide basic knowledge and skills in the computer systems area. They will be able to solve a wide range of problems in the industry, communications, finance, trade, government, etc. The graduated computer engineer must:

  • Know the organization of the modern computer systems and networks.
  • Know the fundamentals of the modern programming languages and databases.
  • Be skilled in computer systems usage and administration.
  • Be skilled in usage of large application products.
  • Know the building components of the modern computer systems and networks.

The bachelor degree engineer in Computer Systems and Technologies must be able to provide development, production, administration and management in the area of computer systems.

The education in Computer Systems and Technologies must provide the necessary knowledge and skills. The students study many modern courses as: „Computer networks”, „Database systems”, „Programming languages”, „Programming environments”, „Computer architectures”, „Computer organization”, „Operating systems”, “Microprocessors”, etc. The teaching is performed by lectures (with multimedia presentations), seminars and labs, where practical skills are developed.

Educational and professional goals: The aim of the education in Computer Systems and Technologies is to create professionals in this area. They must posses necessary skills to apply modern information technology in every aspect of human life – economy, finance, industry, trade, science.

Employment of the graduates: Graduated students in Computer Systems and Technologies are able to take positions of any kind in the industry, education, finance, science and etc., where computer systems are developed, implemented, used, upgraded, or any other activity concerning the information technologies is considered.