Young scientists and PostDocs

The aim of the program is to attract, retain and develop highly qualified young scientists and postdoctoral students, ensuring the quality reproduction of the human potential for research work in Bulgaria.

The priority areas for the development of research in Bulgaria are set out in the National Strategy for the Development of Research in the Republic of Bulgaria 2017-2030 (NRIS) and are in line with the Innovation Strategy for Intelligent Specialization 2020 (ISIS). The program is fully aimed at financing additional research and research work, with the target groups receiving funding being:

• young scientists – persons who carry out research and scientific-educational activity in higher education institutions and / or scientific organizations after obtaining the first master’s degree qualification degree, but not more than 10 years after its acquisition;

• postdoctoral fellows – scientists who have obtained a doctoral degree, but not more than 5 years after obtaining it.

The program is valid for 3 years, ie. 01/10/2018 to 09/30/2021

The budget of TU-Sofia for the second stage is determined by the Ministry of Education and Science after analyzing the results achieved in the previous period.

Applying for the program is done by completing an Application (Appendix 1), a brief and clear (specific with the required scientometric) annotation of the planned research and publication activity and the required annexes under item 1 – item 6 of the application.

The above set of documents is to be submitted to the Faculty’s office (room 4242) in hard copy and electronically at by 10.01.2020 incl.

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